What's In a Name?


Confessions of love have forever been documented in song lyrics. THE PRIVILEGE IS MINE takes its inspiration from The Smiths' song "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out." Lara G. Mahler, founder and owner,  spent years falling in love and breaking hearts, all the while guided by the wit and wisdom of various  Morrisey lyrics.  Her life came full circle, moments before walking down the aisle, her friends, family and future husband stood by her, as the song filled the air, capturing yet another life long memory.  This song for Lara G. Mahler is a representation of memory and that is simply what we are set out to do, help couples create moments on their wedding day, that they will obsess over for the rest of their life.

TPIM is non discriminatory, love is love.  My job is to help couples of all religions, race and sexual preferences.  I aim to make the planning process, collaborative, fun and stress free, regardless of your event size.

THE PRIVILEGE IS MINE was born in Ridgewood, Queens with the idea that couples should never feel like they are going into debt for their wedding.  Everyone deserves a little support during the most emotionally charged time in their lives, that being said, leave the stressful stuff to me.


Lara G. Mahler is originally from Toronto, Canada, moved to New York City in 2007, where she received her MFA in Dance from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.  

She has many loves and obsessions, her passion for weddings and helping couples see their vision on their wedding day, was manifested through her first love of dance and performance.  It has influenced her creativity, ability to think outside the box and on her toes. Lara inherently has a calming presence, she is a great listener, she provides solutions and can comfortably improvise when under pressure. 
Her love of people, weddings and being creative, is how TPIM was born and how it continues to grow.