Wedding Dresses under $1000

So, one of my really good friends recently got engaged.  Do you have that friend, the one you met about 6 months into your move to NYC, when you were a little rough around the edges? Broke and making questionable decisions?

May of 2008 I walked into an East Village boutique desperately looking for a job. There she was standing by the dressing room curtain, we immediately started chatting.  I told her I went to NYU for dance, lived down the street and was in dire need for money.  Needless to say, she put in a good word and I was hired the following week.  From then on, it was me and her, two 24 year old girls and the New York City nights.

So here we are 8 years later a little less desperate, a little less lost, a little more rational, in love, married or getting married.  One thing still remains, and I think you can agree... money, no matter how much you've grow up, it is still a thing.  We may be in our 30's, but the idea of money, making money, keeping money and saving money, is still a mystery.  We have partners, and futures to think about, and when we are planning a wedding, whether it be big or small, we all want a day to remember and we want it to feel special.  We want the most important people in our lives there, great food, great alcohol, great music and epic memories...but how do we do that without putting ourselves in debt for our first year of marriage and beyond? How do we do it without having that awkward conversation with our families, with hopes that they will contribute to this ONE day?

Well, I  don't have all the answers, but I have some ideas that may help.  Since my friend and I have been talking weddings, we've covered budget, food, families, religion, engagement rings, and we have spent too much time contemplating the "Wedding Dress." If you are a bride on a budget (which a lot of us are), where can you go to try, or browse dresses without leaving the store feeling bad about yourself, because you can't afford it? There is nothing worse than trying on dresses that are way out of your budget, in fact, I recommend you don't even go there.  These days I have been browsing the web, in search for wedding dresses, designers and shops all under $1000, all of which will still make you feel like a bride, feel special, feel confident and make you feel your version of beautiful.

I've selected my six favorite, remember these are MY six favorite, they may not be YOUR six favorite, but the point of this post and these photos is to show you that these dresses are out there.  With the photo, is the price and the link to their website to browse your favorite dress.

If you are left with any questions, leave a comment below, or click the "Ask Lara" tab and let's talk weddings.

SL this post is dedicated to you.


With Love,

Lara G. Mahler




 Bridal Scallop Lace Cami Maxi Dress, White- $170 from  Miss Guided    

Bridal Scallop Lace Cami Maxi Dress, White- $170 from Miss Guided


 Francesca Dress- $488 from  Reformation

Francesca Dress- $488 from Reformation

 Phoenix Dress- $630 from  Lace & Liberty

Phoenix Dress- $630 from Lace & Liberty

 Percy Gown, $650 from  JCrew

Percy Gown, $650 from JCrew

 Mina Gown, $700 from  BHLDN

Mina Gown, $700 from BHLDN

 Holly Lace Dress, $825 from  Dreamers and Lovers

Holly Lace Dress, $825 from Dreamers and Lovers