Jane & Graeme

3.19.19 at Bridgepoint

"We had a destination wedding in NYC traveling from Scotland with 11 family and 5 kids.The whole thing came together in a matter of months. I had a vision of the day in my head and initially went down a rabbit hole looking at various NYC options.

By the time I realized the task was too huge for me alone there was only a few weeks to the big day. That’s when I started chatting with Lara, passing control of the budget and the day to her was the best decision I made and resulted in the day of my dreams with minimal stress.

Lara took care of everything-liaising with the venue for a longer time hire period, selecting the vendors, maximising the budget. We achieved more in the day that we could have hoped for, the selection of vendors was exactly the right fit for our day and it all went without a hitch.

I felt like Lara and the team really got involved in the day and allowed us the space to hold our party. It was so important to me that my loved ones had a great time and Lara took that onboard and ensured they did. Considering the whole thing came together by e-mail I could not thank her enough!"


3.23.19 at Dobbin Street

"I am so glad that I found Lara. When my now husband and I got engaged, we decided to have the wedding sooner rather than later - we gave ourselves four months to plan a 170-person, 3-event wedding. Not only that, but because my husband and I come from different backgrounds (he is Sikh Indian and my family is of Catholic and Presbyterian/European heritage), the wedding had a lot of moving parts: i.e. a morning Sikh ceremony in Queens that required bus transportation for the guests, followed by a western ceremony and reception in the evening at Dobbin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which included all kinds of challenging details such as a wind-sensitive rooftop tent, a complete room flip between the ceremony and dinner, two surprise dance performances, and a drum performance. Lara handled these extra complexities with grace and a constant we-can-totally-do-this attitude. 

Our wedding was 100% ‘us.’ Our personalities shined through every unique detail, and we have Lara to thank for that. She was able to help me find vendors that matched exactly what I was looking for: the perfect funky flowers, the most delicious catered food I've ever had, a DJ who read the room like a pro...I could go on and on. We never would have been able to put together such a perfect team of vendors without Lara. 

A few friends and family members had told me before my wedding that I wouldn't remember any of it because the day goes by so quickly and I would be so preoccupied with the stress of it all...for me, that was not at all the case. I remember all of it, every single amazing moment. That is perhaps the greatest gift I received from Lara: I was able to be fully present with my husband and guests on my wedding day because I didn't have to think about anything else; Lara had everything completely under control."

Lissa and Maj.jpg


3.8.19 at 620 Loft and Gardens

“Lara is a very dependable wedding planner. From our initial contact, she has been responsive and accommodating. We used TPIM’s a la carte services to cater to our specific wedding needs. We contacted her less than two months out from our wedding day, we had done most of the planning and vendor communication, but we still needed someone to tie everything up together. That’s where Lara comes in, she asked us relevant questions that we would have never thought of and gave us tips along the way. She had a very important role on our wedding day as we wanted someone else to manage the wedding while we prepare and walk down the aisle. She went above and beyond in helping us setup and coordinate both our ceremony and reception. She even made it possible when we asked for a last minute pick up and drop off right before the wedding. We are very pleased and grateful to Lara and her assistant, Erin, in helping us and taking off our stress on the day of the wedding. We definitely recommend TPIM and their services if you want a hassle free wedding day!”

Danielle & Jeremy

9.1.18 at The Bowery Hotel

"I highly recommend Lara as a "month of/day of" coordinator. One month before the wedding, she actively reached out to begin preparing a timeline for the day and contacting vendors. All of my vendors said she was a pleasure to work with. Lara was always available via email or phone to go over details as they constantly shifted leading to the wedding day. On the day of the wedding, she was incredible, working to make sure everything ran on time and seamlessly. I was quite nervous that things would not run on-time but, because of Lara, we were on schedule to the minute! Lara also did her job with finesse. She was able run things from behind the scenes with a genuine kindness. Many guests also commented on how helpful she was throughout the event. Our wedding day was perfect and I believe she was an integral part of making that happen."

D_J-0870 2.jpg

Serena & David

9.28.18 at The Foundry

"We hired The Privilege is Mine for day coordination for our wedding at the Foundry and we were very happy with how our day turned out! Actually our day turned out even better than what we had planned. Lara and her team executed extremely well and Lara made all the correct calls during our wedding to ensure we were on schedule. After the wedding was over she helped pack up all of our personal belongings to ensure we didn't leave anything behind. I am really glad we hired Lara and her team because it really made the wedding day stress free."

Shannon & Patrick

9.22.18 at Kinfolk

“"Shortly after we got engaged, my fiancé and I decided we didn't want to wait a long time to have a wedding. Enter Lara! With her help, in three months we pulled together a 150 person cocktail party-style wedding that was stylish, memorable, and utterly seamless from start to finish. Even with such a short timeframe from engagement to wedding, with Lara on board, we never doubted that we could pull it off together! From her great vendor recommendations, to making sure the day included all the elements we wanted, to her day-of coordination, we felt constantly supported and in capable hands. She is always cool, calm, and collected, and was open to working around any of our left-field requests. Lara made the preparations for our big day a breeze, and facilitated a night for us and 150 of our friends and family that we will never forget. She is a lifesaver - we never could have pulled it all together without her expertise and guidance."“


Courtney & Davie

9.9.18 at Berg’n

“Lara was indispensable as our Day-of-Coordinator! On the day of our wedding, she maintained her laid-back, easy-going demeanor while making sure our venue was set up, making last minute changes as needed, and communicating with our other vendors. During the final weeks, she walked through the venue(s) with us and created a timeline with our photographer, venue, and caterers. Her service was absolutely worth the expense, and allowed us to relax and enjoy our wedding day without worry.”

Mary & Cosmin

5.28.18 at The New York Botanical Garden

Lara and team were great to work with! They get it, and are very easy to work with. They gave me some great vendor recommendations, and then made sure the day went smoothly and according to my vision. (Also, they don't require you to have your wedding featured on their website/social media, just FYI if that's important to you.)


Whitney & Colin

4.28.18 at Kinfolk

"Lara was wonderful to work with. I started the wedding process thinking we could do it all on our own because we were having a "chill" wedding...more like a party. That's exactly how it turned out, but only because of the amazing help of Lara. She was well organized, responded to any question or comment quickly, and was very reassuring throughout the process. Throughout the day of our wedding she ran a tight ship, and it felt like she was reading my mind before I even knew what I wanted. I'm happy we got to work with her and would send any wedding couple her way.”

Tara & Ryan

5.12.18 at Dumbo Loft

"We had the absolute best wedding that we could have ever imagined! My wife and Lara worked at a school together when Lara started “The Privilege is Mine”. So when we got engaged my my wife already knew Lara for some time and couldn’t wait to ask her to be our day of coordinator. My wife and I are both artists (I’m a tattoo artist and she is a musician and dancer) and we wanted to create our own version of a “traditional wedding” the venue was the Dumbo Loft which Lara has experience with already and she was masterful in her approach to every detail from the lights and decorations to coordinating the ceremony and gave us great advice on how to tackle all the ins and out of having our dream wedding at the Dumbo loft. As our day of coordinator she was on call during the two weeks before the wedding and was quick to respond to our many questions and concerns. She really listened to our requests and was able to take our ideas and stitch them together perfectly resulting in THE BEST day of our lives! Isn’t that what a wedding should be? She helped delegate the roles that each member of our wedding party would take on and explained the order of events in a decisive manner so everyone was on point! The day of the wedding she was like a composer making sure all the moving parts happened on time and seamlessly. Her vast knowledge of weddings and passion for creating them is on par with any great artist, she took a blank canvas and painted a work of art that will live in our memories (and our great wedding photos) for the rest of our lives."

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Annie+Jay Wedding Teasers-21.jpg

Annie & Jay

4.14.2018 at L.I.C Bar

"Lara was incredible! We had three separate food vendors for her to coordinate (not to mention that our venue was spread across three separate rooms) and she handled everything seamlessly. I didn't worry about anything all day knowing setup and coordination were in her hands; we loved working with her! She was super capable and it was a perfect day!"

Sam & Kris

4.6.18 at The Greenpoint Loft

"I hired Lara for my Greenpoint Loft wedding and it was the best decision I made in my planning process. If you know the venue, it literally comes with nothing. Lara and her assistant Chelsea seamlessly pulled off coordinating all the moving parts that come with renting a place like that. I gave Lara some ideas and she worked her magic making the place look more beautiful than I could have imagined. You can tell she takes pride in her work and doesn't just consider it a job. Incredibly conscientious and I would recommend her all day every day!"


Samantha & Neil

12.30.17 at The University Club Of New York

"Lara did an incredible job coordinating our wedding! From fielding last minute requests from my bridesmaids to precisely handling every last detail of our wedding day, Lara did it all and did it flawlessly. My husband and I are both incredibly type A people who were very concerned at the prospect of handing over the execution of our wedding to someone else, but we are SO glad we did - not only did we get to actually relax and enjoy our wedding day, but Lara personally ensured that every detail of our wedding was perfect. I couldn't recommend Lara and The Privilege is Mine more highly!"

Sadie & Tristin

10.7.17 at The Metropolitan Building

"Lara was a great day-of wedding planner. Our wedding day went about as smooth and stress free as possible. She also was super helpful in picking up our donut order for the donut wall. Very pleasant, she was easy to talk to and work with, on our actual wedding day, we couldn't have been happier."


Veronica & Toby

11.17.17 at Greenpoint Loft

"Lara was the absolute best decision I ever made when it came our November wedding.

I had less than a year to plan a 150 person wedding from England in New York. As a career, I make a living putting on 5,000-10,000+ attendee events around the world and thought I could do it myself. I quickly learned… there would be no way.

For a month or so I had a number of calls with some prominent and some up and coming wedding coordinators in NYC. They were all lovely but their prices and what they were offering in terms of their time and what they were willing to do on the day of just were not matching up. I had come across Lara’s website and immediately noticed that she worked in all the venues we had been looking at, including the one we chose – the Greenpoint Loft, and I loved her style. So we scheduled a call and I knew right away after speaking that Lara was a kind, consideration, extremely hard working and dedicated Day Of coordinator. She was not counting the minutes on our call and she was truly listening to me.

I told her how I wanted a band but couldn’t find one I liked so I was happy to get a DJ although it wasn’t what I had always wanted. She suggested I reach out the band she had at her wedding, Mixtape, and after getting on the call and listening to them on YouTube – they were hired within the week. Already Lara had up-ed my wedding game. Mixtape were the greatest band ever to work with btw! Melanie was also just as caring and thoughtful as Lara and they all cared so much about making my day the best it could be. And it was THE BEST.

It’s been days since my wedding and the posts, texts and calls I have been receiving telling me how great my wedding was are still coming in. Lara, went ABOVE AND BEYOND (literally, she got physically above one of the walls to place a board I was dead set on having hung at the entrance) to give me my dream wedding and to keep to my vision. Everything was exactly how I imagined and Lara knows that I am not easy to please (in addition to delivering visually – she works from the heart and is incredibly patience and understanding!) and she brought everything that I had in mind to life.

She was there for 10am to 1am, setting up everything by hand, she placed everything where it needed to be and so beautifully, she picked up everything that needed to be collected and packed it nicely while the partied continued upstairs. It was seamless. My mom had made some art for the reception that Lara, single-handly put up herself and moved when it was time to get them out of the way and SO gracefully. She is a star! We stayed almost exactly to schedule and the flow of the party felt natural and free. She made me feel safe at the wedding – knowing she had my back.

I would recommend Lara to anyone and everyone. I really am still searching for words to share the feeling when I walked into my venue and saw what I had envisioned in my mind executed and added to with delicate care, class, elegance, fun and confetti infused right into the very heart of our day. My husband and I will miss working with Lara – she is the greatest.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lara! You made our day <3"

Natalie & Ken

9.3.17 at The Metropolitan Building

"Originally, I planned on a completely DIY wedding (having absolutely NO idea how much energy/time the planning process entailed!). However, hiring a planner was the one, very insistent, piece of advice our married friends gave us. We had a lot of curveballs thrown our way during planning & day of -- Lara was always prompt, helpful & professional. She was hired just as our day of coordinator but went above & beyond -- before, during, and even AFTER the wedding. She followed up w/ vendors during the entire process to make sure things ran as smoothly as possible. My husband & I are so grateful we had Lara as our planner. Let's be honest, this is NYC and customer service is generally non existent (if you don't pay, someone else will!) -- the wedding planning process no different. Lara was an exception. She never treated us like a number & more like our wedding was her top priority. If I had to do it again, I would hire her for full planning so that I could enjoy & focus on the FUN part -- making decorations! I will recommend her to all my engaged friends & hope I get to work with her again in the future :)"

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.35.51 PM.png

Leah & Randy

10.6.17 at Tudor City Greens, with Reception at Becco.

"Lara was great! We hired her as our day-of coordinator because our wedding was in three separate venues. I realized I needed someone to make sure all the moving pieces went together smoothly and efficiently and I wanted to be able to enjoy my special day without worrying about all the behind-the-scenes stuff. It was definitely money well spent! Lara's original assistant was not able to help out on my day but she had another assistant, her husband! They make such a great team!! We got to know them quite well during our walk-through and Matt definitely helped reassure my fiancé. In fact, my fiancé told him he needs to add groom consultancy work to their services! Honestly, Lara and Matt were so incredibly helpful. For day-of services Lara provides unlimited contact in the last month leading up to your wedding, and it is when you really need it the the most. It was definitely when I had a ton of little to-do items on my checklist, and when your nerves are at their highest. Lara checked in with us constantly and coordinated with all of my vendors on my behalf during that time. She was incredibly professional, responsive, friendly, and helpful. I could not have gotten through my wedding day without her and her assistant. My husband and I would recommend her and her team a thousand times over."

Mun & Mike

9.9.17 at Hill and Dale

"Lara was a fantastic wedding coordinator from start to finish and I recommend her wholeheartedly! As a stressed out bride with no idea what I was doing, I knew I needed the assistance of a wedding coordinator. I hired Lara to be my month of wedding coordinator and boy was that a good idea. From our initial meeting to the day of the ceremony, Lara's help and input was invaluable. She was always there to fix any issues with vendors, she was receptive to my ideas and helped me turn my visions into reality. The day of my wedding went so smoothly and without a hitch thanks to Lara's help. On our wedding day, I was truly able to be in moment with our friends and family and not have to worry about a single thing. Get you a coordinator like Lara! better yet get you Lara!


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.50.47 PM.png

Sarah & Max

7.22.17 at Greenpoint Loft

"Lara and The Privilege is Mine exceeded all of our expectations as our wedding coordinator - she was prompt, helpful and on-point throughout the planning process and our biggest asset on our wedding day. 

Not only did she check-in and proactively offer where she could help prior, but day-of I felt completely confident in her hands, organization and help. She handled all of our vendors, set up, ceremony and break down seamlessly, and even when we ran out of some supplies or there were delays that required a timeline adjustment, she ensured it all was handled without a single person noticing. 

Overall, we not only felt our own pride in choosing The Privilege is Mine, but actually heard from close family that Lara was "absolutely excellent." I cannot recommend her enough as a solid planner, coordinator and wonderful person to have for your wedding."

Ollie & Amanda

7.16.17 at Cop Cot and  Central Park

"Lara was extremely professional and made my wife and I feel so relaxed during our ceremony in Central Park. She helped us with the wedding planning and was friendly and reliable with great communication. Look no further for a wedding officiant in NYC , Lara really is good!"


Candice & Anthony

6.24.17 with ceremony at God's Love We Deliver and reception at Beauty and Essex

"Lara met with us to get to meet us, to get to know who we were and understand what we were looking for. To not just plan our wedding but to create a relationship with us. We had no idea where to start and we were in contact with Lara throughout our journey. She was nothing but a saint. She was the one who officiated our marriage and made our reception and ceremony seamless. She kept us all on track when we were distracted and kept us calm when we were not. She was nothing but professional and helpful. She was honest and available. We can honestly say our marriage would not have happened if it weren't for Lara. She is the best of the best. Thank you Lara, for everything."

Nikki & Steve

6.9.17 at Liberty Warehouse

"We really enjoyed working with Lara for our wedding! There were many small details that needed to be overseen for our big day and she was able to help bring our vision to life wonderfully! Her services were also a great value for NYC."


Esther & Bill

4.9.17 at The Metropolitan Building

"Right from our first meeting, Lara was supportive and helpful in making sure our day went smoothly and without incident. She kept us on the schedule, making sure to give us plenty of time-checks letting us know what was coming up next. Her special skill was doing this without once making us feel rushed. Lara was quick on her feet, and immediately responsive to on-the-fly requests (helping to fix our DIY cake toppers, making sure my mother got the special dessert we prepared for her, etc.). We recently received our wedding photos, and there she was all over the place, either attending to something or scanning the room. AND...she choreographed and taught us our first dance, something we will never forget. Her skill and patience as a teacher transformed two non-dancers into a tap-dancing, confident pair (in tap shoes, yet) and we were thrilled to have her there to celebrate our first dance. Absolutely unforgettable, especially as we originally had fears about our ability to pull it off. We need not have worried."

Scott and Sherria

9.18.16 at Dumbo Loft

"Our Wedding Day Warrior!!!

There's literally not enough words that can express how happy my fiance and I were with Lara! We hired Lara for day-of wedding coordination services, but Lara was there for us way before our wedding day. Lara provided services such as coordinating with our vendors for drop-off and pick-up of rental equipment, creating a day-of timeline for our wedding day, and keeping in constant communication with my fiance and me prior to, and on the day of our wedding. However, Lara truly showed her passion for event coordination on the day of our wedding. She was the first one at our wedding vendor and one of the last people to leave. She assisted me with setting up the entire venue and made sure that every I was dotted and T was crossed. If it weren't for Lara, our wedding would not have gone off without a hitch....it might not have even taken place! Lara took her time getting to know us and our relationship, and provided us with services that were tailored to our wedding. We HIGHLY recommend Lara and The Privilege is Mine for your coordination and planning needs. We look forward to working with Lara again in the future. Thanks again for being there for us on our special day!!!"



8.13.16 at NY Botanical Gardens

"Lara was my day of coordinator for my vow renewal and she was awesome! Everything went well and she helped us execute everything we planned just as we wanted!"

Liyana + Edward

9.10.16 at 620 Loft and Garden

"Our wedding day was missing something - and it was Lara! We hired Lara as our day of coordinator and it was the best decision we made! After our first meeting, we were on the same page and she knew exactly my vision for the wedding! From our first meeting until the very end of our wedding day, Lara was prompt with email correspondence, helpful, attentive and organized. She even met to do a walk-thru at the venue, so she can get a feel of the site and be better-prepared! On the day of, all issues and questions were directed to Lara and she knew how to handle them, no questions asked. Our wedding day ran flawlessly! Would recommend her 100%. She is a must!!" 


Jillian and Lou

4.30.16 at Cow and Clover

"Lara made our wedding day so easy- everything that may have felt stressful was a breeze and I wasn't worried about a thing. I am normally someone who would be managing the details and it was great to know I didn't have to and feel confident that Lara would- and she did. Thank you!!!"

Jeremy & Cory

5.29.16 at Captain Lawrence Brewery

"Before hiring The Privilege Is Mine for wedding coordination services, my bride and I thought that it would be quite difficult to synchronize the many moving parts of our event, including a brewery, five food vendors and an after party bus. Lara and her team proactively and effectively handled every challenge thrown at them - no request was too big or too small. We appreciate Lara’s calm, yet in command, manner and how she took the time to get to know us and our needs. She arrived at our venue before us, left after us, and in between made sure everything was taken care of. We wholeheartedly recommend The Privilege Is Mine without reservation."