Sara & Ben

6.28.19 at 501 Union

“Lara was AMAZING. We wanted to do things a bit differently in terms of the sequence of events and Lara was on board immediately. She helped flesh out our plan and really took the vision to life. As we got closer to the wedding, she helped out organize everything with the vendors and was a major help setting up on the day of. There was a slight hiccup during the evening and Lara helped everyone stay cool and kept the wedding on schedule. We HIGHLY recommend her as your planner or day of coordinator.”


Mia & Phil

5.4.19 at The Metropolitan Building

My husband and I had Lara on board for partial planning as well as playing the very special role of our officiant for our wedding. Having her with us as we planned the wedding was one of the best decisions we made. From the very start, Lara was very responsive and made me feel instantly at ease. Anything we asked was never too much and she somehow managed to know exactly what we wanted before we even knew. We were planning our wedding in NYC from the UK so having Lara in our corner to liaise with suppliers was key to maintaining our sanity and lifted so much stress from our shoulders because we knew we could trust her. She was extremely accommodating with her schedule when we visited NYC which we truly appreciated- one of our favorite memories of wedding planning was spending an entire day with her from the venue walk through to the tasting with our caterer in the evening. Having her play the dual role of planner + officiant was truly so special because she got to know us through the wedding planning process which helped to make our ceremony incredibly personal and unique. My husband and I were blown away by how she tailored the ceremony to perfectly describe us and how we felt about each other and marriage. It was the absolute best part of our day and wouldn't have been the same if we didn't have her as our officiant. I know a lot of people say this, but our wedding day was the best day of our lives - I know for a fact it wouldn't have been as incredible and seamless if we didn't have Lara and her colleague Erin to ensure everything went to plan. I can't say enough how grateful we are to Lara for being there for us through what was one of the most stressful times in our lives - it was like having a good friend helping you along the way. Please do yourself a favor and have Lara join you on your wedding journey- it will be one of the best decisions you make! Thank you Lara & Erin!”

Caitlin & Frank

5.17.19 at The Renaissance Event Hall

“We hired The Privilege is Mine for partial planning after meeting Lara at Wedding Crashers Fair in Brooklyn in 2018. It was the best decision we made for our big day and the months leading up to it. I had previously reached out to a few other wedding planners and felt completely discouraged. I was told our budget was not enough for an NYC wedding. On my first phone chat with Lara, she understood the vibe we were going for and worked with us to create the wedding we envisioned. Her mission, “no couple left behind”, is one she holds true to in every aspect. She was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire planning process. From emails, to in-person meetings, to coordinating all of our vendors, she was on-point. We are pretty particular about the energy we let into our lives and Lara radiated a calm that was indispensable during this time. Even when issues came up, she kept us centered and focused on the vision we had given her from day one. She moved mountains, and I honestly believe some rain clouds too, to make sure we had our ceremony outside, which was so important to both of us. Married friends and family kept telling us how fast the day would go by, that we wouldn’t even get to sit down and eat our food. With Lara coordinating the day-of, we had a chance to take in every moment, every hug, every laugh, every dance, all the food and all of the love from our family and friends. Our day was flawless and there is no better gift that anyone could have given us.”

Jane & Graeme

3.19.19 at Bridgepoint

"We had a destination wedding in NYC traveling from Scotland with 11 family and 5 kids.The whole thing came together in a matter of months. I had a vision of the day in my head and initially went down a rabbit hole looking at various NYC options.

By the time I realized the task was too huge for me alone there was only a few weeks to the big day. That’s when I started chatting with Lara, passing control of the budget and the day to her was the best decision I made and resulted in the day of my dreams with minimal stress.

Lara took care of everything-liaising with the venue for a longer time hire period, selecting the vendors, maximising the budget. We achieved more in the day that we could have hoped for, the selection of vendors was exactly the right fit for our day and it all went without a hitch.

I felt like Lara and the team really got involved in the day and allowed us the space to hold our party. It was so important to me that my loved ones had a great time and Lara took that onboard and ensured they did. Considering the whole thing came together by e-mail I could not thank her enough!"


3.23.19 at Dobbin Street

"I am so glad that I found Lara. When my now husband and I got engaged, we decided to have the wedding sooner rather than later - we gave ourselves four months to plan a 170-person, 3-event wedding. Not only that, but because my husband and I come from different backgrounds (he is Sikh Indian and my family is of Catholic and Presbyterian/European heritage), the wedding had a lot of moving parts: i.e. a morning Sikh ceremony in Queens that required bus transportation for the guests, followed by a western ceremony and reception in the evening at Dobbin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which included all kinds of challenging details such as a wind-sensitive rooftop tent, a complete room flip between the ceremony and dinner, two surprise dance performances, and a drum performance. Lara handled these extra complexities with grace and a constant we-can-totally-do-this attitude. 

Our wedding was 100% ‘us.’ Our personalities shined through every unique detail, and we have Lara to thank for that. She was able to help me find vendors that matched exactly what I was looking for: the perfect funky flowers, the most delicious catered food I've ever had, a DJ who read the room like a pro...I could go on and on. We never would have been able to put together such a perfect team of vendors without Lara. 

A few friends and family members had told me before my wedding that I wouldn't remember any of it because the day goes by so quickly and I would be so preoccupied with the stress of it all...for me, that was not at all the case. I remember all of it, every single amazing moment. That is perhaps the greatest gift I received from Lara: I was able to be fully present with my husband and guests on my wedding day because I didn't have to think about anything else; Lara had everything completely under control."

Lissa and Maj.jpg

Carolissa & Maj

3.8.19 at 620 Loft and Gardens

“Lara is a very dependable wedding planner. From our initial contact, she has been responsive and accommodating. We used TPIM’s a la carte services to cater to our specific wedding needs. We contacted her less than two months out from our wedding day, we had done most of the planning and vendor communication, but we still needed someone to tie everything up together. That’s where Lara comes in, she asked us relevant questions that we would have never thought of and gave us tips along the way. She had a very important role on our wedding day as we wanted someone else to manage the wedding while we prepare and walk down the aisle. She went above and beyond in helping us setup and coordinate both our ceremony and reception. She even made it possible when we asked for a last minute pick up and drop off right before the wedding. We are very pleased and grateful to Lara and her assistant, Erin, in helping us and taking off our stress on the day of the wedding. We definitely recommend TPIM and their services if you want a hassle free wedding day!”