Vendor Consultation

Are you mid way through your wedding planning process, but are struggling to find a particular vendor?

  • Contact me with who or what you are struggling to find.
  • Tell me your budget and any related details.
  •  I will research several options and ideas, including vendors that I work closely with.
  • Vendor Consultation includes a 1 hour meeting to discuss vendor options I have given you.
  • A contract will be given out to you and a non refundable deposit will be paid before our meeting.  (deposit includes our 1 hour meeting)
  • We will meet, discuss your wedding and the vendors ideas that were put together based on your requests.
  • Scenario 1: You go home and review my suggested vendor/ ideas and decided they are not for you.  No problem at all.
  •  Please understand the meeting deposit you initially put down, will be kept and the vendors I suggested to you, are yours to keep for any future reference.
  • Scenario 2: You go home, and decide the vendors I suggested are perfect.  GREAT!! I will send you over a second contract with the remaining balance.
  • From that moment on, it will be my job to stay in touch with those vendors and contracts, I will be in charge of payments and contracts, organize time of arrival on the day of, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding those particular vendors. 

What Is Not Included?:

  • Day of Services
  • Any other organization of vendors that were not talked about or researched.
  • Timeline creation of your wedding day
  • Walk through of venue
  • Advice or suggestions of design

*Contact me for prices and payment plan options.